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A Word from the creators of

Alchemy Gathering:

The road tends to get rocky and not everything in our lives are sunshine and rainbows.

The path is riddled with illusions, confusion, pitfalls, and lots of suffering; sometimes it seems like the longest marathon ever created.


This is why more than anything we want Alchemy Gathering to be a place of community,

where we support each other as we continue to walk in the face of adversary.

A place to turn to when we feel completely lost and no one can seem to relate to our struggles. 

We wish to act as a safe haven where you can put down the armor and celebrate yourself for no other reason but existing.

We will gather to create memories, forge bonds, and blossom new friendships.

We will hold space for everyone to be their most authentic selves, and if you don’t know who your authentic self is, than we will hold space for you to explore until you find it. 

We are beyond blessed to create Alchemy Gathering for you!

We are nothing but “Sacred Space Holders”, you make the magic happen.

Thank you so much for your support… cheers to the start of something magikal! 

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