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"Archetypal Circus"

Halloween, 10/31

Long Branch, Nj

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The Intention Behind

The Creation of:

 Alchemy Gathering 

To hold space for the transmutation of our internal energies to evolve to new heights.

By gathering in community we share energy & create new possibilities of being that we can take back into the world & share.

We are the vessel for creation & the bridge for co creation.

Leave the ego behind and step into possibility.

Awaken new energies within your being & nurture them as they grow.

We are infinite beings.

Embrace the truth & experience the limitless potential of your true inner nature.

"The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances:

if there is any reaction, both are transformed"

-C.G. Jung

Exploring Pillar #1

Pillar #1

Come as you are & allow us to be your vessel for your self discovery!

​Blossom as you authentically express yourself in whichever way you so desire!​

Leave the ego behind and step into the possibility of creation to awaken new energies within your being & nurture them as they begins to grow. ​

Embrace & integrate all the archetypes. ​

We are infinite beings moving toward completion.​

This is your psychic evolution!

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